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  25th February 2015

5 Ways to Keep the Costs of a Website Build Down

Your web presence is your connection to the world and is increasingly becoming the place your business will make it’s first impression with potential clients. It’s no secret a good or bad impression can be formed very quickly and last forever. For this reason many companies invest an amount of time and resources into their website looking professional and easy to navigate on all web capable devices.

Here at Touch we have consulted hundreds of clients to produce briefs to best meet their needs and goals. With this experience behind us we produced our 5 top tips on how to keep the cost of a custom website build down.

  • 1. Decide on one Project manager from your business to oversee the process.

Miscommunication within your business leads to a longer period of consultation or mix ups at our end which leads to cost overruns. So designate one project manager to run everything from your end and liaise with us.

  • 2. One very clear lesson we have learned over the years is that delays with getting content from clients finished and polished can delay a project considerably and cost them.

Have a good idea of the content you want on the site and if you don’t already have it how will you get it. Paying web developers to produce content for your page can be an inefficient option for businesses. Put someone from your business in charge of developing the content for the website and have them liaise with the project manager.

  •  3. Think very carefully about what is necessary and what extra features on the website you can justify for your business.

Create a wish list of features you think would be great and then prioritise them by analysing which are essential and of the most benefit to the business. Ask yourself; Do you really need it and if so why? How will it help you grow your business and will it work for mobile users? At Touch we try to advise our clients on what is likely to offer a good value return on investment for your business and what will not. Don’t waste money on fancy gimmicks that won’t get used.

  • 4. Work with you web developer to set a start and finish date for the project.

Plan around these dates and try to work to organise the project with this finish date in mind. Get these dates down in writing and get them signed off by both parties, this goes along way to getting everyone on the same page.

  • 5. Think of some key performance indicators (KPIs) you would like the website to produce for your business.

Try to develop some tangible methods of measuring the success of the website so you can see what you get in return for your investment. For some ideas on what might be achievable and recordable KPIs collaborate with us. These goals should help guide other decisions throughout the process and lead to the best possible outcome for the business.

For larger projects, both parties adopting a collaborative approach is the best practice and the method that yields the best results. A trusted digital agency with transparency and integrity will be able to deliver a service tailored to the needs and goals of your organisation. Touch prides itself on being that agency and delivering a service that gets the right results for the right clients.

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Article by: Nigel Grimshaw-Jones - Creative Director

Touch Marketing

“I knew I had a good idea, but I wasn’t sure if or how it could actually work.
Touch’s knowledge of how things work on the web helped turn my idea into a successful online business. They thought of all the little things so I didn’t have to and could focus on sourcing products and hiring staff. Their experience, technical capabilities and enthusiasm were a driving force in the initial success of Container Door.”
Ben Nathan

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