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  2nd December 2012

How to use a QR code to build a client database FREE

QR codes are no new thing. They have been around for a long time now, but to me as a marketer they seem a little wasted and under used (like Podcasting)  and I can not recall the last time I was motivated by the company with the QR code to use it.
Normally they are on a label with no call to action and no benefits for the person scanning them. In most cases it is quicker just to “google” the information from my smartphone rather than muck around. I have been following QR code marketing for some time now and to be honest it falls flat just about 100% of the time. Until……………………read on good viewer

So with the fact that QR codes are quite dull we developed a new twist on them that should get you pretty excited!. raaadaaahh (think that is how you spell it)  Introducing QR codes that build a targeted client database and are FUN to use. The trick is to give the person scanning something great.  A Free voucher for something, a discount of next visit, a bonus for referring a friend and so on. It is up to your imagination (and ours!!)

We have noticed that the staff at participating companies enjoy showing customers how to get FREE products or services using QR codes. It is a learning and clients appreciate being shown (some will know how to use QR codes which is useful)

Here is a demo and Craig Connelly (that is moi)  runs through how it works.

If you think this may work for your business then call one of the team at Touch

Article by: Nigel Grimshaw-Jones - Creative Director

Touch Marketing

I really like it! What a brilliant way to introduce it

Touch Marketing

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