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        18th June 2014

How to grow your business by 30% in a tough market using digital marketing


Wok Express

The takeaway food business is one of the most competitive in Auckland with more food outlets springing up daily. Wok Express has had an interesting journey over the last 12 months with Touch Marketing and is now enjoying consistent growth from a strategic digital marketing campaign that is bringing a steady steam of new clients to the 3 retail shops in Auckland.
The interesting thing is, Wok Express is doing this on a advertising budget that would have the big boys green with envy.

What was it that Wok Express did to get such incredible growth and how can you achieve this in your business?

A year ago things where glum
Paul Brandwood (owner) was battling low margins, rising costs, high competition, dollar conscious clients and a general stagnant business model when he approached Touch Marketing one year ago. He put his trust in us and the rest is history.

The Solution
After a chat with the Touch Team a strategic plan was mapped out and implemented which consisted of the following..

1. New younger and vibrant brand to match the target audience
2. A new website with improved ordering and mobile friendly code
3. New menu with healthier options
4. Professional photography
5. A strategic Facebook campaign and a Search Engine Optimisation campaign focused on healthy food with targeted traffic to the website and social media pages
6. Testing and measuring of conversions from that traffic

The strategy
The marketing focuses on building loyalty with potential clients and existing clients to help them achieve successful outcomes around healthy eating. We focused on providing useful tips around weight loss, heart health, healthy oils, healthy ingredients, and emphasising  the fact that fast food does not have to be unhealthy. This is done very successfully with Facebook ads and an active Facebook page plus targeted traffic from Google via the search engine rankings and Google ads.



The food
Wok Express meals are fresh cooked using low fat, low carb, high protein and lots of vegetables with a focus on amazing flavour created through home made healthy sauces and some trade secrets that have the clients flocking to the door. No MSG,  gluten free options and vegetarian options available.

The Brand
The brand was designed by Nigel Grimshaw Jones of Touch Marketing and is young, vibrant, enthusiastic and has proved to be very popular with the client base. We took the traditional logo associated with Asian takeaway food and turned into a fresh healthy food brand which shows clients a strong identity

New Branding


The end result has been 2 more stores opened in strategic locations and a loyal fan base of clients with an amazing 30% growth in sales with 15 staff in 3 locations



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Article by: Nigel Grimshaw-Jones - Creative Director

Touch Marketing

“I knew I had a good idea, but I wasn’t sure if or how it could actually work.
Touch’s knowledge of how things work on the web helped turn my idea into a successful online business. They thought of all the little things so I didn’t have to and could focus on sourcing products and hiring staff. Their experience, technical capabilities and enthusiasm were a driving force in the initial success of Container Door.”
Ben Nathan

Touch Marketing

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