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    13th August 2014

Five Social Media Marketing Tips

Making your social media strategy a success requires a commitment of resources. There is nothing more detrimental to than only giving it a fraction of the attention it requires. At Touch Marketing we approach social media as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and manage it to leverage your presence and help you achieve your business aims.

We love these tips published in a recent Huffington Post article – you can view the full article on the link below.

  1. Engage with Your Audience

Build social media into your website and make it easy for visitors to engage in a variety of ways.

Make sure your online presence has easy social sharing buttons. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple social share. Endorsements from customers are far more powerful than any copy you could write yourself. Let your customers be your brand advocates and make it easy for them to connect, review or give ratings to your products and/or services.

  1. Avoid Overselling

Many businesses who struggle to engage their audience on social media are guilty of being too self-serving in their posts. While sharing special sales and new items is great, these types of promotional posts should only make up a small percentage of your content. Instead, engage your audience without always selling to them.

Experts recommend an 80/20 ratio, with just 20 percent of your content being promotional in nature and the remaining 80 percent consisting of content that really interests your audience and engages them in conversations.

Think about what your customers are interested in. While current events or popular TV shows may seem off topic to your business, social media is a great way to show your customers that you are in touch with their interests.

  1. Get Visually Creative

Across all social media platforms photographs possess the highest sharing potential. Photo sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are a perfect fit for businesses selling products such as clothing or home accessories, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a place in the social campaigns of other types of businesses. With a bit of creative thinking any brand can find a meaningful way to create and share visually appealing content.

Quotes, infographics, motivational images and usage examples are all types of visual content that should be considered. And don’t forget about acknowledging and sharing content that your consumers have shared. Reposting an image from a consumer using your product not only engages new customers but strengthens your relationships with existing customers as well.

  1. Measure and Improve

One of the best things about social media marketing campaigns is the amount of information available about its performance.

Monitoring the statistics and continually experimenting and refining the strategy with you is a sure way to keep your audience engaged and to stay in front of your competition.

  1. Sweeten the Deal

The key to a successful social media marketing campaign is to think about what you can offer your customers rather than focusing on getting them to make a purchase.

People love to feel special. Entice and reward your social following with exclusive offers and bonuses. Keep the love flowing and see how it turns into customer loyalty. You don’t have to do anything fancy – a simple “Thanks!” can go a long way in showing your customers, and your potential customers, that you appreciate their business.

You don’t have to wait until your social followers make a purchase to show your generosity of spirit. Keep your posts helpful and run campaigns to give people clear incentives to be one of your fans.

Social media marketing is all about knowing your customers.


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Article by: Nigel Grimshaw-Jones - Creative Director

Touch Marketing

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