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    22nd July 2014

A TOUCH of Social Media

Why Social?

In today’s online market it’s important to have a social presence. But it’s not just a matter of opening a Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest account and hoping everyone you want will see your content and start engaging. As these platforms become more business savvy and your audience has more and more content to view daily- it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The secret is to keep it simple,interesting and colourful.


Before you jump in you need to ask your self …What social media platform do I need to be on and why? Really think about what content you are intending to display for your business/brand and where will this be best received. If you are selling an attractive product then Pinterest or Instagram are great social options. Facebook is almost a must now and is the best way you can tie together all other social platforms can be a great tool in driving traffic to your website via linked content (posts). You need to identify what your demographic is and what platforms are they most likely to engage with. You also need to ask yourself why you are using social media to begin with. Is it to get more people to your ecommerce site, is it a customer service tool, or is it just to have a presence online? It may be one/all of these and more. Whatever it is, be clear and communicate this to whoever you have managing your social accounts.

Follow up

 The most frustrating thing for customers is landing on a social media site, engaging with the company then….Nothing. It is a public/customer service tool as well. And not responding is not good enough. You will not only taint that customers opinion but if it’s a public post you can do widespread damage. Responding no matter what, in a positive, constructive way will make your customers feel you are a real company not just a generic posting platform.


It is never a one way street. Sure you want to get people liking your page, commenting on your posts and sharing your content but how much are you doing in return. You need to identify with your customer base and make them feel you are there for them to answer questions, inspire thought or action and give them a decent read.

The social Touch. 

At Touch Marketing, we create engaging and interesting  social content.  Our clients rely on us to keep on top of their social media and manage it without them having to worry about anything but their business. We keep up to date with latest trends and the ever changing landscape of social media.  We are always testing and tweaking our clients campaigns to optimise their success, as well as our own practice. We believe Social media is a vital component in online marketing and works well when all elements of a digital strategy are connected. Because in the end what is the good of followers if there is no return? As we are a branding and marketing company you can expect your social platform/s will be a true representation of your company rather than just a haphazard page with no relation to your brand.

Article by: Nigel Grimshaw-Jones - Creative Director

Touch Marketing

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