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    2nd January 2014

5 things you should know before putting your brand onto Pinterest

“For most consumer brands, the idea behind your brand makes sense on Pinterest.”

Pinterest designer and co-founder Evan Sharp

Big brands appear to be struggling on Pinterest and tend to take what I consider to be a very simple social business opportunity and kill it  by trying to promote products and services. Like any social site Pinterest has to be engaging and enjoyable. Just seeing boards filled with product images is about exciting as watching paint dry yet this seems to be the norm
Here are some hot tips for all companies with brands on how to promote on Pinterest

Tip No 1. Sell the sizzle not the steak

A brand should promote the end results of their products or services (the sizzle) as well as  just product images (the steak) on Pinterest.
Pinterest wants to keep the content engaging and interesting, so what better way than showing how a product or service interacts with peoples lifestyles daily. We see this on TV with car commercials showing the Mum picking up the children after school, then crossing a river in the weekend to go camping, then a trip to the snow for the family and so on. No mention about the braking system (steak)  but plenty of happy family shots enjoying the product.   (the sizzle)

Good example below. Perhaps the car brands can learn from the 60’s! I am struggling to find anything on Pinterest from big car Brands showing modern cars being enjoyed by families.

How to market your brand on Pinterest


Tip No 2 . Comment back !!

If someone makes the effort to add a comment to your pins then comment back and follow them. That person is looking to engage with you and here is a perfect chance to learn more about your target customer by seeing their personal likes and dislikes. Where else can you get a snapshot of someones private life without it being illegal? Most comments go ignored and this will stop all engagement on your board.


Tip No 3.  Create Brand specific Customer Boards to encourage engagement

Conformity marketing at its peak!. Pinterest is a social site and accordingly it means other people can post images of themselves using your brand in a fun way. Set up a community board and open it up to pinners. Monitor the board and ensure the pictures are on topic and comment on every one then follow the people pinning. Brand boards can be a very powerful way to engage with existing clients and get new clients from referrals and conformity marketing.



Tip No 4. Run a prize board for your brand.

There are two techniques here. The first is to encourage fans to set up their own board with images of your brand and to hashtag all pins with your brand name. At the end of the promotion you will search by hashtag and find the best image then notify that person that they have won. The best board wins a $250 price or something of value. Also set up a prize board on your account and promote the opportunity


Tip No 5. Create a staff Brand Board and encourage your employees to post on it

This is a great way to give something of value to your employees that they will participate in and feel valued. They can show their personal photos of the brand, service being used in their lives and also new ideas on how to use it. It is also a great way to get an insight of their hopes and dreams, and how potentially you can help them make their job more enjoyable and therefore become better employees. This extra effort is called discretionary effort and plays a big part in staff loyalty. See below for more information

Thanks to Bravatrak for the following

An employee has two types of commitment to their job — rational and emotional. Rational commitment is when they stay because they believe it’s in their best financial and career interests to do so; emotional commitment, though, is when they work above and beyond what is required because they feel valued and believe their work is important. This extra effort is called discretionary effort. –


Written by Craig Connelly

Director Touch Marketing Ltd Auckland, New Zealand Touch was founded with sound principles of honesty and integrity and the company strives to be a leader in today’s dynamic communications and advertising industry.

Article by: Nigel Grimshaw-Jones - Creative Director

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