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  26th July 2013

5 things you should not re-pin on Pinterest

Pinterest is in our opinion one of the most dynamic tools for promoting your business and we are enjoying huge success for our clients currently.
There are however a few things that should never be re-pinned no matter what the circumstances are. Unknowingly repinning poor content can impact on your business identity, so best to learn the 5 simple steps below first.

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Client Comment from last seminar

My life has changed since I attended your Pinterest Seminar. I have now become a Pinterest addict!! Even though I have been an internet marketer for a couple of years now I learnt so much and the information was presented in way that was easy to grasp and highly entertaining. Having said all that, I am only interested if there is a way to monetise my efforts, and you demonstrated how I can both make money and increase my Google ranking. Awesome!!!

Top 5 Mistakes in Repinning Images on Pinterest

1. Misleading Images i.e a photo of something that does not relate to the link that the image contains. In other words the visitor ends up on something none related. Always test the link on the image first and make sure the website or blog is relevant to the image and useful for your clients before repinning.

2. Sensitive material that is modified and will potentially upset the owner. This one is quite obvious however with Pinterest you have the option to repin images from a website or another pinterest account. I have seen many times images of personal things clearly only meant for family eyes, repinned with new text, new descriptions and  links to non relevant sites. In other words similar to No 1 but a deliberate attempt to use a controversial images to some spammy weight loss site. Always check first before repinning something that the link is relevant.

3.  Pins with defunct links. There is nothing more frustrating then seeing an image or video that you can are interested in only to find the link has been removed or is broken. ARGGGGHHHH!!!!! Check first before repinning

4.  Pins with a poor description. If you simply repin as is, the description goes with the repin and therefore is associated with you. A lazy marketer will not make the effort to add more content and in turn add value to the pin for the next viewer. By adding great content that enhances peoples lives you are adding value as you pass the pin on. Do this and watch the difference in your account.

5.  Adult or obscene links. A no brainer but it happens often and  most people don’t even know they have done it in most cases. ALWAYS TEST THE LINK as repinning images with porn links can put out an identity that you don’t necessarily want for your business!!

Article by: Nigel Grimshaw-Jones - Creative Director

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