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    27th January 2015

Why Content is (the undisputed) King in Digital Marketing


Before we start discussing WHY content is the new sliced bread; for those who are late to class let’s get ourselves on the same page by outlining WHAT exactly it is.


The purpose of content marketing is to produce, curate and promote content that is of interest/value to your target market. With the intention of changing their customer behaviour in your favour.


Essentially developing people’s trust in your organisation and fostering it’s image as a reliable source of information; thereby indirectly creating the perception that your organisation is a reliable source of whatever goods and/or services you are offering.

The spectrum of what is effective and appropriate use of content marketing is large and depends on the organisation itself and it’s target market. Here are two very different examples of effective content marketing.

Microsoft offers a behind the scenes look at an ad they made:


A case study Infographic we produced about one of our clients:


The WHY:

The modern world lets consumers dictate the what, how, when, why and who of their media engagement. Humans are becoming increasingly able to sift or surf through information across all mediums to find what is relevant to them. It has become ineffective to attempt to push information onto consumers, instead we must look for ways to pull our target markets towards us. Thus creating quality content that individuals seek out becomes increasingly important.


We live in an age of vast quantities of readily available information. People can so easily access the answers to their questions online. The content they actively choose to engage in is a huge factor in their purchase decision and thus is a key part of an organisation’s communication with their market.


People want to make informed decisions and are increasingly in control of the information that informs them. The companies that best recognise and serve their markets’ desire for information are the companies that do business with them.


Effective digital content makes you look like you know what you’re talking about while attracting internet traffic towards you. This = business leads. Better still it should cost you less than your existing marketing mix.

Article by: Nigel Grimshaw-Jones - Creative Director

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