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  17th March 2014

Facebook Ads or Google Ads. Which is best for your business?

What is a website without traffic and what is the most effective way to get traffic?

If I was stopped in the street and asked this question, my preference will always be search engine optimisation done over a 12 month period, however this does not suit all clients and does not get quick runs on the board. If you want instant traffic then Google Ads are the best method no doubt.

Google Ads

Sample of Google Ads

With the ever changing world of paid traffic the question arises often from clients inquiring as to the differences in costs between the two most used paid traffic platforms. In this article I will give a summary of the costs but please keep in mind every case is different and needs a separate approach.

Lets start with Google adwords.
By using the Google keyword planner tool the user can get an estimate on what a click will cost for a particular keyword to display on Google Front page. Their business and website will be attached to the paid ad (see above) and the traffic is fast, furious and expensive in some cases . Bid prices listed by Google are only estimates and vary subject to ad placement, varying levels of competition and increased bid prices, plus the amounts of clicks obtained and quality of the click.

The results though are outstanding. Instant targeted traffic within the hour and an easy way to measure conversions and the costs associated with them.

As discussed the actual cost per click will vary based on competition, the CTR (click through rate) which is determined by how appealing viewers see your ads, and other things such as bounce rate on your landing page.

Google ads are very suitable for a lot of businesses.

Facebook Ads

facebook-ads-auckland (2)

Facebook ads are not as targeted (not determined by keyword), they display by variants entered at the time of setting up the ads i.e peoples interests, age, location, other page likes and so on, having said that they can be mind numbingly effective and considerable cheaper than Google Ads. Facebook ads can also as shown be placed in two locations i.e the news feed (middle area) and the side bar.

The CPC (cost per click) on Face book also varies by engagement, CTR and other factors also, however they bid price never gets anywhere near the Google ad prices which as mentioned earlier can be very expensive. A targeted Facebook ad campaign could be very effective for building brands, fan bases and for getting large numbers of social shares and brand exposure for very little budget. Costs on averafe are around $1-70 and as low as .70 cents for a decent targeted campaign.

The other benefit of facebook marketing is the ability to engage and build a targeted demographic of clients using paid ads and proper posts that challenge and engage the reader

We would be happy to give you an estimate on what facebook or google ads can do for your business so call one of the Touch/Beanstalk team for some guidance.





Article by: Nigel Grimshaw-Jones - Creative Director

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