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      2nd June 2012

Google make massive changes

Branding has been and is still one of the most important components for any business.

It feels like we have done a complete circle in the last 6 years in the digital marketing arena. Before May 2012, dominant website domains with optimised content, skilled SEO consultants performing their magic and general skull duggery, in many cases won over over large companies with large brands.

Enter Penguin update in April 2012 and Google reversed the situation in one foul sweep, with 600 million websites deindexed from the top 100 listings.
The winners now are organisations with “Brand Search Engine Optimisation” and website optimisation.

So if your site has been removed here are the top 9 tips to claw your way back to the top!

After considerable time spent researching our sites (and our clients sites) some common components of the website survivors are….

    • Strong branding and robust brand SEO (Brand SEO is all about the amount traffic and exposure your brand receives. A brand can be a persons name, a company name or a product name and Google look for regular volume searches on their search engine and social media sites).
    • Excellent informative content that answers questions and solves problems for the reader. This in turn leads the readers to share the content via social media and on other authority websites and thus make the site stronger in Google’s eyes. The content title should be designed to help people and not manipulate Google.
    • Having a large following on social media sites such as Google Plus, Facebook and Linkedin with great content that engages people and generates interaction on a regular basis
    • On page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) i.e code that Google can index quickly and efficiently with correct use of Metatags and keywords. Nothing has changed here.
    • Backlinks from strong authority websites. This occurs naturally if people are sharing your content on blogs and social media sites. Forced or weak back links are not valuable
    • Great looking websites that engage the reader, generate interactive communications, help and support and in turn have a low bounce rate
    • Websites that display properly in all media devices. Remember Google has invested heavily in the mobile market so if your content cannot be read easily from a mobile device then Google won’t give you the love you deserve. Coupled with that Google has a mobile robot now, specifically designed to crawl and index websites to find mobile friendly content.
    • Fully optimised videos embedded correctly and containing excellent content that helps people.
    • Content being created by Google authorised authors. When a site appears in the SERPS if it has a photo of someone beside the listing it means they are an authorised author. This process can be achieved through various means including inside your google account.

The above items are the main requirements that we can identify, and if you think about it nothing has really changed. Google always want to ensure that content found via there search engine was credible but maybe on this occasion they shook the branch too hard and penalised alot of innocent sites that contained great content.
It is also interesting to note that creative videos on major video channels such as Youtube have now moved up the search engines (if they are optimised correctly) showing that the latest update has a soft spot for videos built correctly.

So what can you do as a business owner?

Quite simply, focus on helping people with their problems, provide quality information that is likely to be shared and ensure that your content is engaging on the social media platforms. For more information contact Craig Connelly from Touch Marketing. 09 3007336

Article by: Nigel Grimshaw-Jones - Creative Director

Touch Marketing

Touch Marketing has encompassed our two brands beautifully in our new website and the feedback from our clients has been very favourable which has led to regular online enquiries and orders. We are happy to recommend their services
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