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      9th October 2014

For those who missed the SEO is NOT DEAD seminar

This morning in Parnell 20+ people gathered at the Quality Inn Gladstone Road Parnell, to hear Nigel and Craig from Touch discuss digital marketing generally and SEO in particular.

There has been a lot of talk lately about SEO being a dying art. Certainly it has changed in the last few years but in every way it’s a change for the better. Gone are the days of rubbish articles stuffed with keywords trying to trick Google into giving you front page ranking or dodgy back-links harvested from unscrupulous spammers intent on manipulating Google’s search algorithm.

In fact Google wants to help users of their search engine get as much useful and relevant information as they can. There is nothing more infuriating than clicking a link an a query you have searched for, only to go to a useless page with absolutely nothing related to your your query remotely near it and only in front of your nose because some SEO artist manipulated the results. Google hates this too and this is why BLACK HAT SEO is dead!


Nigel opened the seminar encouraging people to understand that your digital strategy should encompass all three aspects of digital marketing.

·      Your website
·      Getting Traffic
·      Being Social

All three of these things are essential in today’s digital marketplace and cheating isn’t allowed.

Lets start with your website. It should be well designed, easy to use and full of content relevant to your offer. Your blog articles should be interesting, with information that genuinely helps people. It should be “responsive” that is able to be read on any device without scrolling, pinching, expanding or otherwise. It should be built using modern web standards in up to date HTML.

What it shouldn’t have on it. Unsubstantiated claims, links that go nowhere, rubbish content packed with keywords and phrases that don’t make sense, outgoing links that are not related to your sphere of interest.

In short you website should be genuine, useful and compelling.


How about getting traffic? The secret here, and why everything is connected these days is that if you do your website correctly and concentrate on good helpful content your 80% there. Google will look favorably on your website if it ticks all the above boxes for content. Once you’ve done all that, but you’re still in a very competitive sphere like selling wedding gowns for instance and you still can’t crack that front page, you can comb over everything and maximize it’s effect.

For instance within your ‘useful and enjoyable to read’ articles, you can make sure that certain keywords and phrases are referenced correctly. They key here is that the ‘enjoyable and easy to read’ bit is your first priority, not an after-thought.

How about Social? Well Google want’s to know that people are interested in your brand. Are other people chatting about you? If so, Google acknowledges this by raising your rank, not to mention all the brand awareness that you get from Social media generally.

In short the seminar discussed all these things in detail and stressed the need to think of your digital presence holistically, not in isolated pieces.


As the old song goes:

“Your website bone connects to your traffic bone connects to your social bone.”

You get the picture and never mind if you missed the seminar, there will be others. Call us today on 09 300 7336, we’re always happy to discuss how to do digital properly.

Article by: Nigel Grimshaw-Jones - Creative Director

Touch Marketing

Touch has done an excellent job on both my digital and print branding. From eye catching POS to e-commerce solutions, all of the work done has been outstanding
Paul Bon Accord

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