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    2nd June 2014

Does Search Engine Optimisation still work in 2014?

Hi Craig Connelly here.

For the past 18 months Google has updated and changed their search engines functions more times than I care to remember. This has caused chaos around the world for business owners, and a shed load of work for SEO companies and web design companies such as ours.

Since April 2012 I have been spending countless hours on webinars, forums and comparing notes with other SEO consultants around the world to get the right formulation for achieving the front page google rankings for our valued clients. The changes as previously outlined are huge and the ranking of main keywords is now a more expensive and complex task with many nuances.

The main thing to note now for 2014 is that great content is now paramount for ranking websites and the less trickery used the better the results. Gone on the days of buying fake backlinks, throwing up a site and hoping for the best.

By trickery I mean any tools, software etc for falsifying to Google that the site is more popular than it really is. backlinks do build up over time from other websites naturally and this is how Google like it. Google see this as your business having authority in the marketplace.   In other words focus on genuine traffic and social shares from good content.

The bad news is the costs for SEO have increased significantly due to the extra work now needed and some of the old tricks from a few years ago are now no longer achieving front page results.
This is why a lot of our clients are turning to paid ads to get that much needed targeted traffic however we still get more traffic than paid by using search engine optimisation. See the latest search trend in Google here

Google search engine continues to have regular large updates and significant changes have been observed by us in the last month to their algorithm. The good news is we are working on a stable platform and the results we are getting now are sticking better than ever before. So the hard slog is finally paying off and even though the effort required to rank websites has increased the results are coming in thick and fast. I also feel the whole scenario has had a positive effect on the Internet with companies forced to increase the overall quality of their digital presence rather than cheat the system.

Due to the huge changes and the constant need for Google to rain in the cheats I use a SEO system that I have devised that has survived all the penalty updates and still continues to with rank Auckland Business owners consistently. We have to work very specifically as Google now display a lot of overseas results on the front page of the search engine for some larger keywords, where as before it was very seldom we ever saw this.

So in summary SEO works better than ever before and if you are not using Search Engine Optimisation for your business you are leaving alot of money on the table.

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Article by: Nigel Grimshaw-Jones - Creative Director

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