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    20th June 2012

Mobile friendly website Auckland.

Touch Marketing Ltd. Specialists in mobile and tablet friendly websites that convert visitors into clients.

In 2013 Mobile phones outnumber PCs by 6 to 1 and this number is rising daily. It is estimated by year end the number will be 10 to 1
Over 50% of searches on Google are now from Mobile Devices.

What happens if a mobile users searches Google for your product ot service, finds you and then lands on a mobile UNFRIENDLY website?

They leave. Simple as that

Smart phones are also dominating the percentages (try to buy a traditional phone in store and you will notice that the predominant offer is smart phones. As shown in the visual the phones are now $0 upfront.)

It is estimated that Smart phone web traffic will be as high as 65% of total traffic in some industry sectors by the end of 2013 and this statistic is something business owners should be taking notice of.

61% of mobile users have intent to purchase from their phones . 50 % of local searches are from mobiles and that also is rising.

Currently we have clients experiencing 35% to 50% of total traffic as mobile views and as a result of this their overall traffic has increased around 15% due to Google giving more dominant positions in their search results.

If your business has not got a mobile site then you may be interested in researching your industry sector to see how much more traffic you could obtain.

Contact our resident expert Craig Connelly for more information.

What is a mobile friendly website (We call then fully responsive websites) You can see an example of a mobile friendly websites here

Desktop view


Mobile View


Both websites are on the same domain www.modes.co.nz

More examples here and of course the website you are reading this on is fully mobile friendly.


Article by: Nigel Grimshaw-Jones - Creative Director

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