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      10th November 2013

How to use Shopify Ecommerce site with WordPress

Having a good looking E commerce shop is important for brand preservation and to ensure good conversion.

The problem with using a Shopify template is they can look very generic (as shown below) and the landing page just looks more like a product shop versus a proper business. Not all business owners want this look and a common request we get is how to make a E commerce site to look and feel like a normal website but still get product sales via a shopping cart without having the budget of Amazon!. In most cases they have so much more to offer a potential client than just their products.

Shopify Templates Auckland

We received a brief from a company in Melbourne recently, to provide a fully responsive (mobile friendly) website that would appear like a normal marketing site but have the products inter-weaved throughout the content to increase order conversions.
The site has a dedicated shopping cart that is accessed from any page and the whole job had to be at a fair price.
We decided to combine a WordPress blog in with shopify Ecommerce package and then focus the marketing around some very strategic niches that the client has as part of the offer.
There were some additional requirements such as a mailchimp database, a customer “points” system with online access for checking where they stand, plus a flexible “well being” page with recipes and products interspersed throughout the content.

The end result is shown here http://www.salubre.com.au/

See below a screen shot of the site with the shopify product section showing with in the content.

We found the flexibility of wordpress combined with the amazing shopify components were a match made in heaven and the finished result was pleasing to our client.
Check out www.salubre.com.au from your desktop and from a smart phone.

Along with the website the client also had a need for some search engine optimisation and even though Touch Marketing is located in Auckland and our client is located in Melbourne, we will still able to get her front page position for the most searched keywords.

Ranking a website is a very important part of any web development project. The site needs to be on the front page of Google for the most suited keywords to get that valuable targeted web traffic. With the recent numerous changes in Googles algorithms fueled by a thirst for better content and more diverse social media content, a lot of E commerce sites fall flat when it comes to ranking well in competitive niches.

The problem with most E commerce sites (shopping carts) is that the client loses the ability to have a fully functioning “marketing site” and ends up with just a very large E commerce shop that has some basic content on the non-product based pages but essentially the site is just filled with products.

These types of Ecommerce sites are everywhere and are very easy to spot. They all look very similar and the layout is very product orientated. As mentioned earlier the restrictions with these types of E commerce websites is not having the following tools to get the sites engaging better with the users.

1. No custom designed news type section that gets regular updates to attract Googles robots and thus increase the complexity of keywords the site will rank for.

2. No marketing sales funnel within the website to gain new targeted clients into a database.

3. No mobile friendly code for all the site to attract more orders from mobile devices

4. Restrictions on what changes can be made to the site in the future. We see this one a lot when large E commerce sites need a refresh or a makeover. In most cases it can’t be done on the old platform and to move it to new turns into a major expensive project.

5.   The other main problem is any customisation means getting developers involved to write their own unproven code for the CMS system which means being locked into one companies CMS (Content management system) on a site that was developed for a different purpose.


Article by: Nigel Grimshaw-Jones - Creative Director

Touch Marketing

“We wanted to get help in building a digital marketing strategy and Touch Marketing met the brief. I have found them to be honest, transparent and in it with us for the long haul.
They listened to who we were as a business and where we wanted to go. Between us we developed specific strategies with predefined objectives and the measurement processes they developed have allowed us to make changes to these strategies to improve our business and redirect marketing spend.
We are confident that we have a good business partner that will continue to work positively with us to achieve our goals in what is an incredibly competitive marketplace”

Touch Marketing

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