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    29th September 2012

How safe is your domain name

We have had 3 cases in as many weeks of NZ clients purchasing domain names through dodgy Australian Domain Name companies who in most cases are not even in Australia. The main attraction has been slightly cheaper rates than NZ companies. (based on signing up for 2 years)

The hard cold truth is the savings achieved are negligible (around $20) and the risk factors are very high.

As example, a domain name in NZ is approximately $40-00 per annum, which lets be honest is the cost of a main course these days at a nice restaurant. For most businesses the domain expense is a minute dot on the annual expense budget and would not even justify an entry on the General Ledger, however the cost of losing that domain or not having control over it could be in the hundreds of thousands.

Lets consider the cost of getting a website seen by the target market and what impact this would have if you lost your domain name. There is the branding expenditure, the build of the site, the search engine optimisation work to get it found, all the  social media development that results in strong links pointing back to that domain,  plus the printed material in the marketplace with the domain on that drives targeted clients to the website. I am sure you will agree that this cost can run into hundreds of thousands. Then consider the financial losses from the website not doing what it is meant to do because it is done, lost leads, lost sales and so on. End result is a lot of time and alot of financial investment jeopardised.

Imagine if you lost your website overnight and next day the company in Australia who has your domain name has the phone disconnected, you submit a ticket and still no reply 3 days later. Your NZ web host is scratching his/her head as they have no control over the domain to try to fix the situation.

Is it really worth the risk? This has happened and it can happen to you.

New Zealand has some of the best domain name providers in the world. The service is incredible, pricing very fair, and the ease of use in the admin sections makes the whole experience smooth as a babies backside.

So please do yourself and your website provider a favour and buy in New Zealand or better still through your friendly web host. For our Australian clients use a company with a proven track record, get referrals and better still make sure you can ring them or at the least that they answer help tickets.

For any digital marketing questions contact me (Craig Connelly) or one of the team at Touch Marketing Ltd

Article by: Nigel Grimshaw-Jones - Creative Director

Touch Marketing

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