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          9th March 2014

Insider tips could be your biggest draw card in 2014

What the hang is Conformity Marketing combined with Benefactor Marketing? How can giving away your insider secrets actually help you make profits? Craig outlines his unique marketing strategy in this must read post. This is a small part of the Social media seminar presented at the Heritage last week and a dynamic strategy for businesses to succeed in a crowded market place in 2013

      10th November 2013

How to use Shopify Ecommerce site with WordPress

Big Ecommerce sites are boring at the best of times. The difficulty is how do you make these sites exciting and turn them into 24/7 marketing machines without going to complex code that is custom built. Solution…combine Shopify and Wordpress and make it mobile friendly and a 365 day a year 24/7 marketing machine. Read on to see the results

Touch Marketing

The Directors and staff are thrilled with the new website and branding for Envivo. The feedback from the clients has also been wonderful. Touch Marketing were a pleasure to work with and fully supportive after the site went live - Helen Davies, Envivo

Touch Marketing

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