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Creative Design

  21st May 2016

New website launched

Combine good design and a well thought out brief and you get a new website that looks amazing and will . . .

        18th June 2014

How to grow your business by 30% in a tough market using digital marketing

The takeaway food business is one of the most competitive in Auckland with more food outlets springing up daily. Wok Express has had an interesting journey over the last 12 months with Touch Marketing and is now enjoying consistent growth from a strategic digital marketing campaign that is getting excellent results and a steady steam of new clients to the 3 retail shops. The interesting thing is, Wok Express is competing against companies with millions of dollars for advertising.

Touch Marketing

“I knew I had a good idea, but I wasn’t sure if or how it could actually work.
Touch’s knowledge of how things work on the web helped turn my idea into a successful online business. They thought of all the little things so I didn’t have to and could focus on sourcing products and hiring staff. Their experience, technical capabilities and enthusiasm were a driving force in the initial success of Container Door.”
Ben Nathan

Touch Marketing

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