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        18th June 2014

How to grow your business by 30% in a tough market using digital marketing

The takeaway food business is one of the most competitive in Auckland with more food outlets springing up daily. Wok Express has had an interesting journey over the last 12 months with Touch Marketing and is now enjoying consistent growth from a strategic digital marketing campaign that is getting excellent results and a steady steam of new clients to the 3 retail shops. The interesting thing is, Wok Express is competing against companies with millions of dollars for advertising.

          9th March 2014

Insider tips could be your biggest draw card in 2014

What the hang is Conformity Marketing combined with Benefactor Marketing? How can giving away your insider secrets actually help you make profits? Craig outlines his unique marketing strategy in this must read post. This is a small part of the Social media seminar presented at the Heritage last week and a dynamic strategy for businesses to succeed in a crowded market place in 2013

              15th October 2013

Wok Express

      17th September 2013

Business Marketing Seminars

Add value to your clients and host a great seminar for them about the No 1 hot topic in marketing today. How to succeed online?

      11th September 2013


Touch Marketing

We had the team from Touch design our new site for STANDOUT. They have some really clever and witty ideas that translated into a modern and fresh website for us. With our reputation, a group of blue chip clients and their web know-how; we’re now getting noticed by more ‘blue chip’ clients and the investment is starting to pay for itself - Susan Tapper, Standout Design

Touch Marketing

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